I consider top developing states in India then Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat could be competitive states. Both states have costal for connecting international business through Vessel. #more developing state
Let’s see which is the best-developed state in 2021 according to the sustainable development goal index 2020-21. more developing state
Sustainable development ranks have been calculated on their effective performance in 16 categories including No Poverty, Gender equality, good education, etc. http://niti.gov.in/. To clarify this confusion with the NITI Aayog report.

Let’s see both states performance in 2020-21; more developing state

1. No Poverty

   Firstly we see about poverty, By 2030, eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere, currently measured as people living on less than USD 1.25 a day.

Andhra Pradesh – 81/100

Gujarat              -66/100 Because Andhra Pradesh is more developing than Gujarat in No Poverty.

2. Zero Hunger

By 2030, end hunger and ensure access by all people, in particular, the poor and people in vulnerable situations, including infants, to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food all year-round.

    Andhra Pradesh – 52/100

    Gujarat.                – 46/100

3. Good Health and well being
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Although has union government support, it is not more developing than Andhra Pradesh. Gujarat has very good support from the union government rather than Andhra Pradesh so, it has more developed in Good health and well being. However, Andhra Pradesh has given tough competition to Gujarat.

Andhra Pradesh – 77/100

Gujarat               – 86/100

4. Quality Education

Achieving inclusive and quality education for all reaffirms the belief that education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development.

Andhra Pradesh – 50/100
Gujarat                – 52/100

5. Gender Equality
      Most importantly gender equality defines states’ development. Ending all discrimination against women and girls is a basic human right and is a prerequisite for sustainable development.
      Andhra Pradesh – 58/100
      Gujarat                – 48/100

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

Subsequently, They call for access to safe and affordable drinking water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene for all by 2030. Similarly, gender equality, Clean and water, and Sanitation both are compatible.
  Andhra Pradesh – 92/100
     Gujarat                – 93/100

7) Affordable and Clean Energy

However, more than 12 states in India have 100 points in the Affordable and Clean Energy. Gujarat had got only 94 points. Therefore Gujarat has to develop more in Affordable and Clean Energy.

Andhra Pradesh — 100/100

Gujarat — 94/100

8) Decent Work and Economic Growth

Andhra Pradesh — 67/100

Gujarat — 64/100

9) Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Andhra Pradesh — 52/100 and Gujarat — 72/100

10) Reduced Inequality

Andhra Pradesh — 74/100 and Gujarat — 64/100

11) Sustainable Cities and Communities

Andhra Pradesh — 78/100

Gujarat — 87/100

12) Sustainable consumption and Production

Andhra Pradesh — 84/100

Gujarat — 50/100

13) Climate Action

Andhra Pradesh — 63/100

Gujarat — 67/100

14) Life Below Water

Andhra Pradesh — 79/100

Gujarat — 57/100

15) Life on Land

Andhra Pradesh — 69/100 and Gujarat — 61/100

16) Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Moreover, Gujarat has more developed than Andhrapradesh in Peace, Justice and Strong Institution.

Andhra Pradesh — 77/100 and Gujarat — 82/100

In conclusion, Andhrapradesh is a more developing state than Gujarat. So, we will compare the Total Tally of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat out of 1600 to get a better insight of NITI Aayog analysis.

Above all Andhra Pradesh has gained a Total Tally — 1153/1600 and Gujarat Total Tally — 1090/1600

After all the Winner is ANDHRA PRADESH 

In short Andhra Pradesh has got 1153 points meanwhile Gujarat has got 1090 points. Certainly, there is 63 points difference between both of them therefore above all are showing Andhra Pradesh is a more developing state comparing to Gujarat.

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