VivoX60series India, Models, Features, launching date and expected cost

Vivo has ready to come with new #vivoX60series mobile phones. The countdown to the revolution of Smartphone photography has begun so who’s excited about the grand launch so Spread the word, tag your friends.

Vivo X60 India has set a launching date on March 25th of 2021 and the Company announced it last week. The global Vivo X60 phone comes with Snapdragon chipsets.  Ishan Agarwal who is an industry insider, given few details about Vivo X60 RAM/Storage, color, and specs details.Vivo

so here are models with features of the mobile

Models with features of the Vivo X60 series

Further details like exact cost of each model of this series and date of release will be revealed on March 25th of 2021.

The Vivo X60 series had unveiled in China in December 2020. X60 and X60 pro released in December 2020. Vivo X60pro+ arrived in January 2021. The standard X60 price for the 8 GB + 128 GB model starts at Chinese Yuan (CNY) 3,498 (around Rs 39,400). The 8 GB + 256 GB variant of the smartphone was priced at CNY 3,798 (around Rs 42,800) while the 12 GB + 256 GB variant costs CNY 3,998 (around Rs 45,100). #VivoX60Series

Vivo X60pro Indian cost will be expected around Rs 50,900 and Vivo X60pro+ with 12+256GB cost will be expecting around Rs 67,740.  

Further features of VivoX60seriesVivo X60 series

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